Proyecto IPTV

Configuration of a web IPTV Home windows 7 Later we’re going to proceed to the accomplishment of our challenge of Working system Which takes IPTV's Configuration as a title throughout TV's native Indicators via a Media Server, for this challenge the fundamental factor That we’re going to want the tuner USB's TV for PC, Which we now have it to disposition and which should fulfill the next traits to have the ability to notice our challenge Since we are able to see this one it’s the tuner the ports are to comprehend the respective connections

First it must be an USB for PC that’s the fundamental factor Second has to have an entry of TV's antenna Since we are able to see The revenue of the ports of an audio entry and different considered one of audio exit these are the principle traits that our system will need to have Stressing that may be a system for Home windows, on this case we are going to use the Home windows 7 Configuration We’ll use the next packages which are distributed by Media Server they’re particular packages which are going to make use of The UMedia Server is the one that may make server of our multimedia content material that we’re going to proceed to distribute by the community

Media Encoder or this ULiveServer case is the one that may obtain the sign from our TV tuner and it will likely be handed to the Media Servergiving to hyperlink or connection to transmit the sign to the consumer StreamingMediaPlayer which is a Community Handle Participant that we’ll use, we proceed to type ours for what we go so as to add new media supply Choose add video chanel the place we are going to get all of the elements that may transmit On this case we select our TridVid Seize sign and we give subsequent Right here we put that we need to compress our transmission Right here we put the decision 720 * 480 we configure which channel we’re going to transmit we’re going to transmit the channel 35 and we put the zip code of our Nation 593 that’s of Ecuador right here we give subsequent right here we add our audio channel and select TridVid Seize which is our TV tuner We observe the identical steps that we need to compress our audio Right here we select Buffered which is to load extra knowledge which is for IPTV we give subsequent Enter the identify of the transmission channel and click on subsequent And we provide you with Finalize Now we go to the Media Server on this program we are going to configure our Multimedia server so we are going to first see the properties of our Media Server Right here it signifies that port 5130 is the one that’s going to attach our Media Encoder with the Media Server and the port 5119 is the place the shoppers might be related Right here we proceed to configure our Multimedia Server we add our reside broadcast We choose the IP deal with of the Dynamic transmission of our laptop We write the Title of our channel Choose Set Password Enter the password of our server In the meanwhile we’re going to take away the choice MultiCast and we selected Nameless Entry in order that it doesn’t ask for authentication to the shoppers As soon as we now have already configured our Media Server we are going to join Media Encoder with the Media Server Join the Media Server and sort the IP deal with of native space for that we’ll go CMD and write IPCONFIG we see our IP deal with The port to attach the Media Encoder to the Media Server might be port 5130 Right here we put our identify of the transmission that we put to the channel and we enter the password of the server and we join As soon as related to confirm whether it is transmitting we selected the choice star recording and we give preview reside supply Right here we see that certainly it’s reproducing Now let's go to the Home windows Media participant and press the CTRL + U And we write the route of the IP deal with to which it’s transmitting we settle for Right here we see Right here we see that certainly it’s reproducing And we are able to confirm with Media Server It exhibits us that two gadgets are related Good it does little I closed it was disconnected And so I can join from one other PC or compute with the identical IP deal with of this machine you need to remember the fact that many computer systems are blocked our port 5119 so we now have so as to add an exception to the firewall We go to Firewall Superior Choices add a brand new exit rule choose the port of departure that we would like and we give subsequent Right here we put the quantity We provide you with subsequent choose Enable connection choose the three fields we apply subsequent Enter the identify of our new rule As soon as that is executed our rule has been established Now we proceed to the verification verification Now we are going to do the demonstration of our challenge Now since they’ll see we now have one computer that would be the server answerable for distributing the sign by the IP of the principle machine The system is liable for receiving the channels that for a coaxial cable related to the antenna There might be executed the distribution of the channels that may transmit to different computer systems on this case we are going to confirm that the sign might be transmitted for the 2 laptops and to desktop computer

A number of the vital necessities so that different computer systems set up the connection and to have the ability to obtain the channel is to have web and make an exception within the Firewall to create a brand new rule and write the port of entry It’s essential to stress that the machines are related to a community To do this different computer systems obtain the sign should join and write the IP route of the principle machine And the channel to tune to with a view to set up the transmission within the Video Participant