Tips on how to set up IPTV onto any Zgemma half 1

That is the primary video displaying you set up our IPTV service. In case you are seeking to buy or trial this subscription, please go to our web site the place you’ll find additional particulars. Our IPTV will work on any Zgemma field


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  1. Just paid for a month subscription from this website and they took my money and never sent me any script. Not replying to emails either been 3 days now. I'd avoid buying.

  2. My username/password works on the website portal.. I get the same SOC error everyone else gets when copying the txt over.. I either copy and paste it or type and it doesn't install

  3. cant fault the streams but when theres a problem they dont want to know been trying to get it resolved for a week nearly now and just get the same email back restart gui well let me tell you that DOES NOT WORK no matter how many times you tell me to do it found out its a error in the script but they dont want to know

  4. IPTV Subscription + Video On Demand (Zgemma, Smart TV, MAG, iOS, Android,Firestick)
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  5. does this work with a vpn. as my zgemma box is connected to my router with build in VPN. ? or would i have to connect it to my normal router first while setting this up? Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. All going according to plan.
    Username = root
    Password = ????
    I had just 9999 to prevent adult channels, i enter that, but i am denied every time.
    Can i change or delete password. Dang πŸ™

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